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Design Carpet has been a residential and commercial flooring company for over 28 years. With a rich family tradition, we have succeeded by providing our customers with the best products and customer service. We are pleased to be the source for all your flooring needs.


At Design Carpet, we have everything you'll ever need to create a beautiful, warm, and inviting home. From soft and supple luxurious carpeting, to strong, durable, and stunning hard wood flooring and everything in between.


Design Carpet also has the expertise to handle all your commercial flooring needs! We can quote from your blueprints using your own materials or materials purchased from us. We have qualified installers for any size commercial project, whether it be a hotel, office building, or retail store.


Design Carpet

will get the job done right

and on time!

At Barka Corp, the name of the game is quality. We recognize that our competitive pricing often gets us in the game, but in the end it is our quality you will remember. We know that quality is a result of the work of experienced and highly trained field crews,and skilled craftsman with the right equipment to do the job right. This along with our expert management ensures that schedules will always be maintained.

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